We make our Own Diamonds!

We believe in creating our own, instead of harming the nature and environment. Our each diamond is created with utmost precision and of finest quality in our labs. Therefore, we are able to produce diamonds of various colors and we keep a ready stock of certified as well as non-certified LAB GROWN DIAMONDS.

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World Of
Customised Jewelry

Aesthetically crafted by eco-innovation labgrown diamond jewelry. With a meaning, with history and with a statement.

At Sonani Jewels you can customize and select many our hand crafted designer jewelry with our range of diamond colors, shapes and metal color options for jewelry suitable to your unique personality or occasions. No matter what the occasion is, we have wide range of designer jewelry from rings, earrings, pendent, bangles and bracelets If you wish, we can even design a one of a kind jewelry which fits your imagination.

With the spirit of never ending innovation, we take pride in our wealth of imagination and creativity.

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HPHT Processing

The HPHT process (High Pressure High Temperature) is used to finish what nature started by applying 70,000 atmospheres and temperature up to 2500 Celsius, it would be the same atmospheric pressure and temperature that a diamond gets in earth’s mantle. The HPHT process simply finishes what nature started. Of all the diamonds mined from earth, a very small percentage is perfect in terms of clarity, color and crystal structure. Reason for this is the non-uniform environment and impurities (mainly nitrogen).

In HPHT process the diamond is given uniform and controlled high pressure and high temperatures which removes the defects and enhances the color to white (colorless) for Type 2a in natural diamond as well as CVD diamond. A type 2a diamond can be converted into White color while all other natural diamonds except type 2a can be converted to variety of colors like greenish, apple green, champagne, red, yellow, orange-yellow, pink and blue colors according to their diamond types. All CVD diamonds are type 2a so they changes to white colorless shade. Contact us to know more about this process.

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