Ecofriendly diamonds or lab grown diamonds are grown in a highly controlled laboratory environment using advance technical process. Instead of disrupting the earth’s layers of stractified rock to extract geologically-grown diamonds, we manufacture diamonds using controlled laboratory conditions that consume only modest amounts of resources where every step of a diamond’s formation can be carefully documented. Without destroying ecosystems or expending large amounts of energy,we grow diamonds with the same fire and brilliance as their earth-mined counterparts.
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We pride ourselves on creating elegant natural HPHT jewelry for the accomplished woman, whose sophisticated brilliance is only enhanced by that of her diamond. Each jewelry begins with a moment of inspiration, transforming our diamond into covetable designs. Our expertise allows us channel the beauty of each individual diamond into its perfect jewelry partner. From the purity of a diamond solitaire jewelry to the glamour of multi-layereddiamondsworking in harmony, each jewelry is designed to be worn and admired from sonani jewels.
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Everyone loves a deal, especially jewelry deals that features mark downs on jewelry including designer rings,Adorningyourself in rings isn’t just for special occasions, nor is it just for the big wedding day. Celebrate yourself every day of the year and wear whatever makes you feel beautiful, you’ll have your best pick with our selection of lovely rings.You can choose to buy these rings as a gift for occasions as on engagement, birthdays, Valentine, anniversaries,wedding or because you just need them
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Although solitaire stud earrings have made their place in a regular but beautiful and versatile manner in daily life, they are appropriate for any events and ocassion as in formal, semi-formal, Ethnic and casuals. Women, men, and even kids can comfortably put on these earrings alone or with other matching pieces of jewelry.
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