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1. What Are Cultivated or Lab-Grown Diamonds?

At Sonani, we take pride in offering you the brilliance of cultivated diamonds. These exquisite gemstones are nurtured within controlled laboratory environments using advanced technological processes. We create the perfect conditions that mimic the natural development of diamonds beneath the Earth’s surface.

2. How Are Lab-Grown and Mined Diamonds Different?

To put it simply, the difference between lab-grown and mined diamonds is like comparing a naturally conceived baby to one born through IVF. Both processes involve the same essential component – carbon. In our case, lab-grown diamonds share the same molecular structure as their mined counterparts.

3. Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Break Easily?

Rest assured, lab-grown diamonds possess the same exceptional hardness as mined diamonds. Their identical atomic structure ensures they maintain the same level of resilience, so durability isn’t compromised.

4. Will Lab-Grown Diamonds Lose Their Luster Over Time?

Not at all! Our lab-grown diamonds, just like their mined counterparts, retain their brilliance and shine indefinitely. At Sonani, we ensure that the everlasting charm of your diamond is preserved.

5. Can You Distinguish Between Lab-Grown and Mined Diamonds?

Your discerning eye won’t detect a difference! Lab-grown diamonds exhibit the same stunning fire, scintillation, and sparkle as mined diamonds. Only specialized laboratories can ascertain the distinction between these two types of diamonds.

6. Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Fake or Synthetic?

Absolutely not! Lab-grown diamonds at Sonani are as real as they come. They share the same DNA as mined diamonds, proving their authenticity at an atomic level. We’re all about genuine sparkle!

7. Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Have Resale Value?

Certainly! We offer lifetime exchange and buyback values in line with our policies, ensuring that your investment retains its value.

International Queries

8. Do You Deliver Internationally?

Your sparkle knows no boundaries! We’re thrilled to serve customers beyond India’s borders. Get in touch with our exceptional Customer Service team for further details.

9. What Are the Shipping Charges for International Orders?

Shipping charges vary based on your destination. When you’re ready to check out, the applicable shipping charges for your selected items will be displayed in your cart.

10. How Can I Initiate an International Item Exchange?

At the moment, we don’t facilitate exchanges for international orders.

11. Can I Return My International Order Once Received?

International orders are not eligible for returns.

12. Can I Cancel My Order After It’s Shipped?

Unfortunately, once an order is shipped, it cannot be canceled. For inquiries, reach out to our customer support.

13. Can I Change the Delivery Address After Placing My Order?

Certainly! If your order hasn’t been shipped yet, you can request a change in the delivery address by sending us an email or contacting customer care.

14. Can I Have My Order Delivered Within India While Residing Abroad?

Absolutely! Choose India as the shipping country, pay in Indian Rupees, and provide a delivery address within India to make it happen. For more info, email us or contact customer care.

General Queries

15. Is Sonani Jewellery Certified and Authentic?

Every piece of Sonani jewellery exudes authenticity. Our gold is 14-karat and 18- karat real gold, and our lab-grown diamonds come with SGL/IGI certification. We’re a Hallmarked jewellery brand, guaranteeing quality.

16. What Is Your Return Policy?

Your satisfaction matters! You have 15 days to initiate a return request after delivery. Our 100% refund or future purchase option ensures your peace of mind.

17. How Is Product Shipment Handled?

Your precious pieces are entrusted to Sequel Global Logistics, our reliable logistics partners. Tamper-proof packages and insurance ensure a secure journey to your door.

18. Are There Any Hidden Costs?

Transparency is our policy! The price you see includes the applicable 3% GST. No surprises, just pure sparkle.

19. Do You Offer Nationwide Shipping in India?

From north to south, east to west, we deliver all over India. Reach out to our Customer Service team for more info.

20. Where Is Sonani Located?

Our heart and headquarters are in Surat, the diamond city Surat At Sonani, it’s not just about jewellery; it’s about innovation and craftsmanship coming together.

21. Where Is Your Jewellery Made?

All Sonani jewellery is crafted in-house at our lab grown diamonds manufacturing unit in India. From polished diamonds to finished masterpieces, every step happens under our meticulous care.

22. Can I Still Order a Piece I Can’t Find on the Site?

Absolutely! Pieces might be relocated, but we’ll make sure you still get what you desire. Reach out to our Customer care for assistance. (You can contact on 9909003578 or reach out to us at

23. What Is the Estimated Delivery Time?

For orders within India, the delivery timeline varies. Ready-to-ship items usually arrive within 7 business days, while ‘Made to Order’ items take around  21 business days. Sundays and holidays are excluded.

24. Can I Get Jewellery in a Different Gemstone or Metal?

Your desires matter! Contact our Customer Delight team for possible customization options.

25. Do Pendants Come with Chains?

Yes, all our pendants pendants come with chains included.

26. Can I Order a Ring in a Different Size?

Absolutely! Reach out to our customer care team to order a ring in a specific size not listed on the website.

27. I Lost My Certificate, Can I Get a Duplicate?

Of course! We can arrange a duplicate certificate for a nominal fee, ensuring you have a certified record of your precious piece.

Making an Online Purchase

28. How Can I Place an Order Online?

Ordering online is a breeze. Choose your jewelry, add it to your shopping bag, and proceed to secure checkout. Enter your details, choose payment, and you’re all set.

29. Can I Order by Phone?

Absolutely! Browse our designs online and place your order over the phone with our customer delight representative. (You can contact on 9909003578 or reach out to us at

30. Will I Receive an Order Confirmation?

You sure will! We’ll send a confirmation to the email you provide during checkout.

31. What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

At Sonani, we embrace convenience. Pay with credit cards, debit cards, UPI payments, and wallet payments.

32. Whom Should I Contact for Payment Issues?

We’ve got your back! Contact our customer care services for any payment- related concerns. (You can contact on 9909003578 or reach out to us at

33. Will the Delivery Be Insured?

Absolutely! We ship your orders with insurance, ensuring their safety until they reach you.

34. Will I Bear Return Delivery Costs?

No worries! For our return policy, return shipping costs are on us.

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