Hong Kong Jewellery Show 2019

Hong Kong Jewellery Show 2019

A Sparkling Business Platform 

Cultivated by a History of Collaborative Successes

Famous over the universe of fine adornments, the HKTDC Hong Kong  Jewelry Show proceeds with its long-standing history as an exceptional presentation and a chief exchange center point. With across the board support from best industry players, acclaimed exhibitors and specialists, the show is back and like nothing anyone's ever seen, going from solidarity to quality as of late. A celebration of excitement and everlasting elegance, the show is likewise a chief center point for industry learning as guests investigate universal structures, master classes and systems administration exercises to manufacture new organizations and enduring industry associations.

With notable roots in pearl cultivating and the imaginativeness of pearl gems creation, Japan is an industry titan that this double occasion is glad to have as its Partner Country. Brilliant brilliance and shining elegance are on full presentation as Japan's acclaimed pearl culture becomes the overwhelming focus in 2019. This activity has delighted in full help from the Japan Pearl Exporters' Association and the Japan Pearl Promotion Society, and these affiliations facilitated a public interview and march that included particular pearl gems made by producers at the Japan Pearl Jewelry Pavilion (Hall 5F).

Dancing Stone World Moment of Excellence 2019

For the fourth year consecutively, Crossfor Co. Ltd came back to the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewelry Show and displayed its esteemed honor to top licensees for their submitted help in advancing Dancing Stone® as a brand. The current year's awardees are 01 Jewelry Limited, JinYi Jewelry Co., Ltd., J.ESTINA and Think Vietnam Co., Ltd. 

 Hear What Buyers Say

“TFG Jewellery is the largest jewellery retailer in South Africa which owns 200 stores. This is my third time visiting the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show. Yellow gold jewellery is very popular in South Africa. I am looking for light-weight yellow-gold jewellery which is more affordable. At the show, I have found two potential suppliers from Korea and Peru for the supply of light-weight gold jewellery with cubic zirconia and plain gold earrings and chains respectively. Their designs look very good. My first order with each new supplier will be around US$2,000 for different styles. This show is a good place for me to meet with all of our existing suppliers and to make contacts with new suppliers. I enjoy visiting the show very much.”

Aysha Moosajee, Senior Buyer, TFG Jewellery, South Africa

“Established in 1907, Abdul Ghani is one of the biggest manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers of gold and gold jewellery in Saudi Arabia. Currently, we have 12 gold jewellery stores and three diamond jewellery stores. This is my sixth time visiting the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show. As Hong Kong is one of the most famous trading centres for jewellery products, manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers need to visit the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show to develop their jewellery business. I met with my existing suppliers on the first day of the show and I’ll talk to new suppliers later. I plan to buy US$500,000 worth of plain gold and gold jewellery through the show.”

Eng. Abdulghani Bakur Alsayegh, Vice President, Abdul Ghani Jewelry, Saudi Arabia

“Our company is a wholesaler of chains, bracelets and jewellery sets in Russia. As our business has been expanding very quickly over the last two years, we plan to open a B2B online store within the next six months. I like the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show because I can find a lot of suppliers from all over the world all under one roof. I am here looking for medium-priced jewellery decorated with pearls and natural stones. Up till now, I have found five potential suppliers from Italy, Mainland China and Peru for the supply of rhodium-plated chains and silver jewellery, but I hope to find more than 20 potential suppliers in the end. After checking their prices and collecting more information, I’ll buy US$50,000 worth of jewellery products from each new supplier.

Anton Uvakin, Commercial Director, Serebryanaya Venecia, Russia

                                                Hear What Exhibitors Say

“Indonesia has set up a group pavilion at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show for the first time. As Hong Kong is a trading hub for jewellery products and the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show attracts many buyers from all over the world, the show provides an ideal platform for Indonesian SMEs to market their products globally. A total of nine SMEs are showcasing a wide variety of pearl jewellery, silver jewellery and copper jewellery at the pavilion. Our jewellery products are made from local materials and feature a distinctive local favour that can appeal to overseas buyers. Most of our products are handmade. We expect that more buyers will visit the Indonesian pavilion this weekend. This show is very well-organised. We hope to set up this pavilion again next year.”

Iqbal S Shofwan (left), Consul (Trade), Indonesia Consulate General Hong Kong, and Irwan Kurniawan (right), Director of Promotion and Branding, Ministry of Trade, Indonesia (Booth No.: CEC 5F-B01)

"Subsequent to going through two years on R&D, Ma Belle has effectively built up a Customer Engagement Platform in 2017 which enables gems retailers to star effectively draw in clients with the correct items whenever, anyplace. This stage is intended for digitizing, extending and monetising client commitment. We began to receive this stage in the majority of our gem dealers in 2017. Following the fruitful presentation of the IT Solutions for Jewelry zone finally year's Hong Kong International Jewelry Show, we believe it's the correct time for us to partake in the current year's show to acquaint the Customer Engagement Platform with worldwide gems retailers. Because of high leases, rising staff bunks and high stock, we see a great deal of potential for this stage. We are astonished to see that numerous purchasers are searching for IT arrangements. Clients' reactions have been great. We have gotten enquiries from new purchasers from Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam." 

Raymond Lam (right), General Manager, and Amy Lo (left), Sales & Business Development Executive, Ma Belle International Ltd., Hong Kong (Booth No.: CEC 5B-D26)

With over 40 years of experience in the opal industry, Sam Carbone Opals provides a wide range of fine opals and opal jewellery. We have our own mine in Australia and also source from other opal mines. We have been participating in the Hong Kong fair for many years. It’s great to see the debut of Australian pavilion this year, bringing together different opal companies. The pavilion has effectively attracted more buyers’ attention and enabled us to do more business. We expect sales results to fare even better than last year. Buyers are coming from different places. White opals, boulder opals and black opals are all in demand. Black opals remain the top-seller. The Australian pavilion has a successful debut. We’re pleased with the organisation. Buyers are also happy to find Australian opal suppliers showcasing together which enables them to source effectively. I expect to see the pavilion expand further next year with even more opal ex

Hong Kong, the world’s premier trading hub for jewellery, is a free port where there are no duties or restrictions imposed on precious jewellery products or related materials. It is also the ideal springboard from which traders worldwide can venture out to the booming markets of mainland China and the rest of Asia.


The September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, organised by UBM Asia, continues to attract key players in the world’s jewellery industry, a hallmark of a truly successful fair. In 2018, the September Fair hosted a select group of over 3,730 exhibitors from 54 countries and regions. They occupied more than 135,000 square metres of exhibition space in two venues: the AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) and the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). The fair welcomed over 54,000 visitors from around the world. The attendance figure attests to the fair’s position as a vital jewellery marketplace that every serious jeweller and connoisseur cannot afford to miss. 


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