GJEPC -Gem Jewellery Export Promotion Council 2019

GJEPC -Gem Jewellery Export Promotion Council 2019

The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) has begun building a 21-acre industrial jewelry park it believes will generate nearly $6    billion in annual revenue.

The India Jewellery Park in Mumbai will cost approximately INR 144.67 billion ($2 billion) to construct over the next few years, and will employ about 100,000 workers when completed. The project will enhance manufacturing, investment, export growth and the overall economic development of the Maharashtra region and India as a whole, the GJEPC said last week.

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“We want to double our merchandise exports from $500 billion to $1 trillion, and the gem and jewelry business will have a significant role to play in this endeavor,” said Suresh Prabhu, India’s minister of commerce and industry and civil aviation. 

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The complex will include 2,400 units in varying sizes for different businesses, as well as spaces catering to international representatives. It will also feature on-site housing and a single development office where businesses can receive all their necessary permissions. 
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There is also the potential to build Mumbai’s first gem and jewelry university in the park, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis added. 
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India has been targeting several foreign countries, including Russia, in an effort to bring outside investment to the project. 

"GIA will present the GIA Diamond Origin Report administration which will affirm the nation of birthplace of cleaned jewels," GIA declared yesterday. "To be qualified for this new administration, the first unpleasant precious stones and coming about cleaned jewels must be submitted to GIA for investigation so they can be coordinated to one another and to affirm the source data given by the taking an interest mining organization." 

Aside from recognizing the nation of source, the report will likewise convey a full quality investigation of the 4Cs of every precious stone, and a report number engraving. 

Further insights concerning the nation of source and precious stone development will be accessible for every Diamond Origin Report in GIA's online Report Check administration, open at GIA.edu or through the QR code imprinted on each report. 

"As of late, there has been a developing interest for straightforwardness and detectability in the precious stone industry," said Susan Jacques, GIA President and CEO. "Customers need to know the root of items and their financial and ecological effect. The GIA Diamond Origin Report fits splendidly with GIA's main goal of instructing and securing general society, and guaranteeing their trust in pearls and adornments. Buyers obtaining one of Mother Nature's most prominent fortunes, a characteristic precious stone shaped in excess of a billion years back, will presently find out about their jewel's voyage and the positive effect it has on the networks in the nations where jewels are found." 

The report was conceptualized after GIA led buyer examine which demonstrated that 69% of U.S. marriage shoppers like to purchase a precious stone with a "beginning story". The organization likewise drew in with mining organizations, producers and retailers to recognize their discernibility needs. 

The Diamond Origin Report administration is based on GIA's times of logical investigation into the development and qualities of normal precious stones, and the Institute's gemmological examination of countless jewels in its evaluating labs. 

"At the point when qualified cleaned precious stones are submitted to GIA for reviewing, they can be coordinated to the first submitted unpleasant utilizing physical estimations and other logical information," said Tom Moses, GIA Executive Vice President and Chief Laboratory and Research Officer. "On the off chance that the information from the cleaned precious stone and the harsh match, GIA will affirm the nation of cause given by the mining organization, and incorporate that data on the Diamond Origin Report." 

GIA said it has effectively prepared a large number of unpleasant precious stones going from 0.15 carats up to in excess of 100 carats. 

"A developing number of excavators, producers and retailers are taking part in the Diamond Origin Report program, including Alrosa, which joined the program in October 2018," GIA said. 

The organization likewise plans to promote the offering through computerized and print showcasing. This will incorporate top notch pictures of the first hash and the subsequent cleaned precious stone, GIA stated, consequently permitting retailers "to pass on the extraordinary story of every jewel to the purchaser". 

The establishment will improve administration by giving "distinct leaflets clarifying the disclosure and change of unpleasant precious stones to cleaned jewels, and relating the social and financial advantages of the business in every nation", the association expressed. 


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