Natural HPHT Diamond  1.43

Natural HPHT Diamond 1.43

  • $840.00
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  • Product Code: Natural HPHT Diamond
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Diamond Properties

  • Shape PRINCESS
  • Carat 1.43
  • Cut Not Specified
  • Color Not Specified
  • Clarity SI2
  • Polish Not Specified
  • Symmetry Not Specified
  • Fluorosence Not Specified
  • Depth Not Specified
  • Table Not Specified
  • Measurements Not Specified
  • Crown Angle & Height Not Specified
  • Pavillion Angle & Height Not Specified
  • Culet Not Specified
  • Girdle Not Specified

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Tags: Lab Grown diamond, CVD diamond, Eco Friendly Diamond, Man Made Diamond, cushion red


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Natural HPHT Diamond  1.43
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