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The Art of Crafting Sonani Jewels

Welcome to the exquisite world of Sonani Jewels, where we bring to life the brilliance of Lab-Grown Diamonds in a dazzling array of colors. Our sparkling, stunning, and sustainable jewels are a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into every piece. Let’s take you through the enchanting journey of creating Sonani Jewels.

Manual Sketching

Every Sonani Jewel begins as a vision on paper. Our talented artisans sketch the intricate designs, bringing their creative ideas to life. This is where the magic begins.

CAD Design

We take those manual sketches and transform them into intricate 3D computer-aided designs (CAD). This step ensures precision and perfection, where every detail is considered.

Wax & Casting Process

The CAD designs are used to create wax molds, which will become the blueprint for our jewellery. Using advanced casting techniques, we craft the foundation of our pieces, ready to be transformed into something truly extraordinary.

Jewellery Filling

This is where our pieces truly start to take shape. We use various precious metals, including gold and platinum, to fill the molds, creating the solid structure of the jewellery.

Diamond Setting

The heart of every Sonani Jewel is the Lab-Grown Diamond. Our skilled artisans delicately set each stone, ensuring they capture the light in the most mesmerizing way.

Assembly and Polishing

The jewellery pieces come together, and this is where we refine every detail. Our team of artisans meticulously assembles the components and meticulously polishes the jewellery, bringing out the maximum shine.

Quality Check

At Sonani Jewels, we take quality seriously. Each piece undergoes a rigorous quality check, ensuring it meets our exacting standards. We believe that only the best should adorn our customers.

Fine Jewellery

After passing our quality check, the pieces are now officially part of our Fine Jewelry collection. They are packaged with love and care, ready to grace their new owner with timeless beauty.

At Sonani Jewels, our commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability shines through in every step of this process. We take pride in creating lab-grown diamond jewelry that is not only visually spectacular but also environmentally responsible. We invite you to explore our exquisite collection and discover the magic of Sonani Jewels for yourself.

Hop on to explore the dazzling world of Lab-Grown Diamonds!

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