Top 5 Ways to Style Necklaces and Pendants: Expert Tips!

Top 5 Ways to Style Necklaces and Pendants: Expert Tips!

Top 5 Ways to Style Necklaces and Pendants


Pendant and Necklace is one thing that can’t go unnoticed, Wherever you go, whoever you meet, the first thing they will notice is what you are carrying around your neck. From a simple, minimal chained Pendant to a maximal piece of art, Neckpieces have the ultimate power to determine your ways to style necklaces and pendants.

At Sonani Jewels, we offer a wide range of scintillating chain and pendant designs ranging from Solitaire to Classics to Lariat to Occasion Wear, You name it, we own it. You can customize it with your choice of stones, like pink, blue, yellow, or white, in your desired metal, which is white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold.

The most important thing you need to know about ways to style necklaces and pendants is this: there is no single ‘right’ way. When it comes to wearing jewellery, there are no hard-and-fast rules. Your personal preferences will be the determining factor as to whether or not it’s right for you.

Wear the brilliance of nature, crafted with human ingenuity, Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery.


Tips and tricks ways to style necklaces and pendants.


1. Wear your Necklace above your collarbone.

 This might sound absurd to you, but wearing your Necklace above your collarbone can boost your confidence and highlight your Jewels in a chic and modern way with the charismatic charm of the consciously crafted Jewels. Sparkle with a clear conscience—choose Lab Grown Diamonds for your jewellery and make an impression that lasts eternally.

Outfit choice: this goes well with buttoned up blouses, turtlenecks, and polo necks. The diamonds will add just the right touch of sparkle to your appearance. 


2. If you decide to stack two or more necklaces, make sure they look different.

The idea of layering Necklaces is to spark up the art of contrast and show how two different styles can turn into one beautiful art piece. If two necklaces look the same, they will attract the same amount of attention as if they were just a single piece. One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is to choose a necklace from different colors, shapes, or materials. It’s also advisable that each necklace be unique; at Sonani Jewels, we have a plethora of choices to choose from to make your layering game strong.

Make a statement with Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery that effortlessly pairs with any outfit, making you shine bright with the opulence of dazzling diamonds. 

Outfit choice: Layered Necklaces can go well with V-necks, formal shirts, boat necks, off-shoulders, or tube necks!


3. Pair your necklace with a bold eye look for maximum effect.

When you are wearing a Necklace, you tend to draw attention to it and make sure it pops up well. To achieve this, pair your Jewel with bold and alluring makeup. Your Necklace is the outfit’s focal point and will steal the show when you wear it with dark eyes.

The effect goes both ways to style necklaces and pendants; your necklace will also call attention to your face and its focal point, your eyes. From casual chic to glamorous soirées, Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery elevates every outfit with sustainable elegance.

Outfit choice: if you are choosing a shiny outfit and bold makeup, your Neckpiece should be something less dramatic, while if you are choosing subtle party wear with subtle make-up, then you have the provision to add drama to your Neckpiece choice.


4. Ace up your everyday look with minimal yet striking Jewels.

If you fall into a category that belongs to someone who is too carefree to change their Necklaces every day, then we would suggest you pick up a solitaire or any other minimal daily wear piece, and when you are stepping out for dinner, parties, or a special occasion, you can top it up with a layer of diamond line or chain; it will elevate your look with royal luxury. 

No matter the occasion or attire, Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery for every occasion the sustainable sparkle that completes your look.

Outfit choice: To master this look, you can choose low necks, V necks, off shoulders, strapless, scoop necks, or even turtlenecks.


 5. Think outside the box.

Whenever one talks about diamond necklaces, an image of a solitaire diamond on a gold chain springs to mind. But there is more to necklaces than that. The necklace itself can have anything from a sleek to a traditional design, while the chain can have color options including yellow, white, and rose gold, adorned with diamonds in yellow, blue, pink, or white!

Lab Grown Diamonds: the sustainable solution to accessorizing every outfit with grace, charm, and ethical elegance!

Sonani Jewels offers an exquisite array of Lab Grown Diamond creations that captivate both the eye and the conscience. Here, we have two categories: evergreen classics and extravagant designer necklace.

In the classics category, we have minimal and hassle-free styles that go well with daily wear and office wear outfits—something chic, stylish, yet wholesome. 

Whereas, in our designer jewellery necklace collection, we have more dramatic, luxurious, and matching Pendant and Earrings sets that will complete and complement your look with regal sophistication. 


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