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Once upon a time, in the radiant city of Surat, India, a resplendent journey commenced. At Sonani Jewels, we unveil the brilliance born from over five decades of expertise, a legacy envisioned by our trailblazing founders who stand as luminaries in the realm of diamonds.

Our pursuit is the extraordinary – the flawless, the intricate, the sustainable Lab Grown Diamonds. Picture us as contemporary alchemists, transmuting carbon into pure elegance.

From the inception of rough diamonds to their final transformation into exquisite jewelry, every step is meticulously orchestrated within our own Indian sanctums. We cherish proximity, much like a tight-knit family.


Now, let's rewind to 2006, the genesis of our alter ego, Tenth Diamond Planet Pvt. Ltd. Our quest? To birth diamonds that would captivate not only the jewelry sphere but also extend their allure into mechanical, solar, electronic, and diverse industries. We were trailblazers in harnessing the alchemy of HPHT (High Pressure and High Temperature), elevating diamond hues and liberating their essence from stress. The diamonds exulted, and so did we!


At Sonani Jewels, we relish challenges, especially when pioneering advancements in HPHT processing. In 2021, we made an illustrious debut in the jewelry realm, enthralling the B2B market with our exquisite offerings.

But here's the thrilling twist – our journey has just begun! Prepare to be enchanted as we unveil our forthcoming Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brand in 2023. Anticipate a resplendent odyssey, and consider yourself an honored guest on this radiant path of discovery.


Within the captivating realm of diamonds and jewelry, Agastya Sonani stands as our visionary! Possessing a mind as incisive as the facets of a flawlessly cut diamond, he exudes unparalleled prowess in the domains of sales and marketing. Agastya is the North Star guiding the trajectory of Sonani Industry. With a seamless blend of creativity and an unwavering commitment to detail, he masterfully metamorphoses brands, intuitively discerns their target audience, and engineers unwavering customer devotion. All of this, and he accomplishes it while nurturing enduring and unwavering client partnerships.

Pioneering the Future of Jewellry,
virtually as well as in reality

Step into a world of innovation and elegance as we introduce India's first-ever 3D modeling module. With our cutting-edge technology, you can now envision how our Lab-Grown jewellry will grace your hands in stunning virtual reality. Discover the future of jewellery shopping with Sonani Jewels, where dreams become dazzling realities!


With precision and care, we craft each piece so fine, From our hearts, we create, our dedication does shine. Special jewelry, with love we bestow, A radiant promise for you to glow!

Hop on to explore the dazzling world of Lab-Grown Diamonds!

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